Nov 20 -22

FortressIQ 5k Turkey Trot



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Are you ready to train for a 5k Turkey Trot and raise funds for an amazing charity?  Let’s do it!

Run or Walk anytime between Nov. 20 – 22.  Register by November 1st to receive your swag before race day!  You will receive a training plan and coaching from the San Francisco Marathon Team! You can do this anywhere that works for you, either on a treadmill or out on the streets or trails, it’s totally up to you – just make sure you run a 5k!


  • All FIQ employees will get one complimentary registration (see Sascha/Ryan for promo code). To register, select a t-shirt size, add to cart, and enter promo code at checkout. This will include a race kit as well. FortressIQ will be donating money to Defy Ventures for each employee that registers!
  • Race kits (t-shirt, finisher medal, fuel box, FIQ one-size-fits-all socks) will be shipped during race week. Registration closes Nov. 1.
      • The FIQ Turkey Trot is open to friends and family of FortressIQ, too! The cost for friends/family to register is simply any donation amount to Defy Ventures. To register:
        1. Navigate to the Donate page,
        2. Select Defy Ventures from the drop-down list,
        3. Donate any amount, and
        4. Proceed to checkout
      • If friends/family are interested in purchasing the race kit, follow the same registration process as FIQ employees by selecting a t-shirt size above, and add to the cart for an additional 36.98, this price covers shipping. The donation prompt will come at the time of checkout.
  • 5K race must be completed between Nov 20 12:00 AM PT – Nov 22 11:59 PM PT.
  • Finish time (and optional GPS map link) can be submitted to the event leaderboard to see ranking. This must be submitted by Nov 22 at 11:59 PM PT.



What is a virtual Event?

A virtual event is an event that involves people interacting remotely/virtually, rather than meeting in a physical location.

Our virtual events, such as a 5k run, walk or cycling is an event that a participant completes wherever and whenever they choose, this can be done on neighborhood streets, sidewalks, trails or even on a treadmill. The event is open for a stated amount of time, days/weeks with a given distance or time goal.  The participant pays the registration fee and in exchange, they receive an award for their participation, typically this is a shirt and medal, however, the event organizer can choose to offer whatever items they would like, examples are a tote bag, a premium jacket, a water bottle or maybe just a digital badge.  A leaderboard is also provided for participants to post their finish times and see and compare with other participants’ results.

How does a virtual event work?

Simply register for your event here, the next step is to complete the distance or goal of the race and earn your participant items. The goal set by the event rules that you registered for can be completed at any location you choose.  You may also choose to run, walk, or bike, indoors or outside.  The choice is completely up to you, this has to be completed on or during the virtual event date(s) stated.   When you complete your event simply enter your results on our results tracking page (linked here) and see how you did against your fellow virtual participants.  Upon completion of the event, you will be mailed your participant items, typically sent two weeks post-event completion.  This is a great way to build community, keep fit, and maybe even raise funds. 


How do I prove I participated in the event?

Currently, all virtual events are based on the honor system for submitting your results.  Once you complete the event you're registered for, simply go to our Post Event Results page, choose the event within the dropdown, record your time, and then submit. It's that easy.