Virtual365 App

Your connection to our global running community!


    • Geographically (GPS) based segmentation.
    • Two maps: Virtual 365 pre-made course, and YOUR local course (created as you participate!)
    • LIVE leaderboard showing other participant’s positions relative to yours. 
    • Shows who is participating in your timezone, state, or city.
    • Delivers audible cues, including a start countdown, mile mark announcements, ongoing racecourse highlights, and a finish approach notice.  
    • Lets you chat with participants and spectators in the official race group or one you create for your crew.
    • Allows family and friends to track your progress throughout the event. 
    • Provides access to Facebook and Strava groups.
    • and more!

             Categories of race finish times and rankings are scored and filtered as follows:

Time Zone, Continent, Country, State/Province, City, Age, Gender, Teams/Clubs.

More categories means more chances to win!


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