Host Your Own Virtual Event!

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Host Your Own Virtual Event!

Have you been curious about hosting a virtual event, but didn’t know how to get started?  We have all the tools you need for hosting your very own customizable virtual event.  We provide a registration platform, fundraising/donation options, customized participant items, design services, a results board for participants to post and view finish time results, and we will fulfill and ship the items to your participants.  You provide the concept, marketing, and event offerings, we will provide the rest.

Virtual Events for Corporations, Schools, Charities, Non-Profits

Whether your goal is a team challenge, or a donation/fundraising drive, or a healthy lifestyle event, we can help you put together a fun and exciting event that will allow local, national, and global participants to join your event.  Walk run or cycle, you decide the distance(s) and we will create the event and bring your participants together in a virtual community!

Virtual Events for Running Clubs and Races

Are you and your peeps, or is your club or your race looking for a way to compete in a “real” race, keep your audience engaged and in great shape?  We have the tools to create as close to a race day experience as you can get.  We have a real-time GPS tracking app that provides real-time leaderboard posting and a virtual course you can follow along while you run!  Create your own course and let your participants virtually run that course via the app.  This is a super cool tool!



Frequently Asked Questions

What is a virtual Event?

A virtual event is an event that involves people interacting remotely/virtually, rather than meeting in a physical location.

Our virtual events, such as a 5k run, walk or cycling is an event that a participant completes wherever and whenever they choose, this can be done on neighborhood streets, sidewalks, trails or even on a treadmill. The event is open for a stated amount of time, days/weeks with a given distance or time goal.  The participant pays the registration fee and in exchange, they receive an award for their participation, typically this is a shirt and medal, however, the event organizer can choose to offer whatever items they would like, examples are a tote bag, a premium jacket, a water bottle or maybe just a digital badge.  A leaderboard is also provided for participants to post their finish times and see and compare with other participants’ results.


What does it cost to host an event?

Typically the participant’s registration fee covers the cost for use of the site’s services and fulfillment of products. You can choose to offer the event for free to your participants, in which case we would give you a comp code for them to use at checkout, we would then invoice you when registration closes for the value of the codes used.  This allows friends and family to participate as well by paying for their own registration.

We can work with you to determine the costs incurred if you want to customize your event.  Some of the options for customization are; premium product/gift options, live event day GPS course-specific tracking experience using our remote racing app, use of your Virtual365 event as a fundraiser, or if you want to participate in a revenue share we will work with you to determine cost incurred or rev-share options. We can also discuss the customization of your event pages on Virtual365. 

Again, if you are interested in a basic event, registration, medal, and shirt, leaderboard – there is no cost to you, the registrant’s cost includes our fees. If you want customization and a live race day experience there will be a 400.00 administrative fee.  

What does an event look like?

You select the Activity (run, walk or cycle), you determine the distance(s) offered (1 mi, 5K, 10K 10 Mi, Half, Full, Ultra, 100 mi etc).

What's included in the Event?

Events can be designed to offer a basic option which would only include, results posting and viewing of results, or you can upgrade from basic to include as many offerings as you choose.  The sky is the limit. 

All events, from basic to custom include the ability to post their finish time, include a personal photo & commenting capabilities.  If participants use their own tracking device, they can load a link to their GPS tracked event on our results page. The results platform supports various performance filters by distance, finish time, teams, country, state, city, age, and gender ranking selections. 

We can also offer your participants a live event day GPS course-specific remote racing tracking app. email us for information.

How does the design process work?

Each event is unique and what makes it unique is the design of the swag,  you can either provide your own art/design for your event, or we can work with you to create a design based on your concept and ideas.  We have an in-house team that can provide services from start to finish for shirts, medals, and merchandise and apparel items. Our design fees are included in the price per registration.

Can we offer prizes and special gifts, Merchandise and apparel?

We can help you design an event that could include goal-oriented prizes, merchandise to sell to promote your event, and memorabilia for the participant to celebrate their achievements!  Just let us know if you’re interested and we will help you figure out what to offer.

Can we offer a fundraising or donation component to our race?

We have the ability to set up a donation to the charity or charities of your choosing.  If you are raising awareness, or are doing a dynamic fundraising event, we can offer your registrants an option to make a donation to the charity of your choice (charities must meet qualifications) or if you are doing a fundraising campaign, you can drive folks to our site to make a donation in the name of your participant. You can choose to reward the registrants based on the funds they raise. The cost for these reward gifts is paid for out of the funds raised. 

We reserve the right to approve any causes you name to raise funds for.

How can I use a virtual event to support my schools?

Our platform can track student participation and activity levels remotely.  Use this tool to encourage kids to participate in healthy activities, outside of in-person participation.  Teachers, this is a great way to create a healthy fun competition between classes, grades, schools.   

Contact us for information regarding our Schools app, with back end administrative reporting.  

How do we get the word out, is there marketing exposure?

Hosting your event on our Virtual365 website will in and of itself bring attention to your event.  We host events for lots of different types of entities.  If your event is open to the public, it will be available on our site and easily searchable amongst all other events offered.  Our goal is to provide participants with lots of options to keep them active.  We can also offer additional marketing services, such as copy write and graphics to be used for the marketing of your event.  If you have very specific marketing needs or asks, we’re open to talking about that and are happy to help!  

If you are a brand or a Race and want an exclusive customized Virtual365 Event Page on our site where you can drive your participants to, we can also get that set up for you.


Who handles Customer Support?

Virtual365 will manage the backend data and answer questions from your participants about the registration process and results boards.  You will be responsible for marketing your event and answering questions about the event itself, such as fundraising goals etc., if applicable.


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